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Run SoNo -

Stepping Stones is pleased to be sponsoring this year’s Kids Fun Run!

Healthy Children, Healthy Communities®

Healthy Children Healthy Communities photo

Small changes make a big difference.

It’s a fact: early intervention and prevention are critical components of a healthy lifestyle. Even small changes in daily habits can have a positive impact. Through statewide exhibits, programs and events, Healthy Children, Healthy Communities promotes healthy living for children, families and communities.

Healthy Children Healthy Communities   Initiatives

Healthyville® Exhibit

An award-winning exhibit where six main attractions, 50 hands-on activities and educational computer games — all within the vibrant and fun community of Healthyville — help children learn about nutrition, fitness, hygiene and safety. Full-time residents — Bree, Claudia, Jonathan, Milo and Lucy — guide children as they explore topics, activities and their own brainpower!

Let's Move Museums & Gardens logo

Stepping Stones is now a Let’s Move! Museums & Gardens institution!

Through this national initiative, launched by first lady Michelle Obama, museums, zoos, public gardens, historic sites and science and technology centers can join the call to action in fighting childhood obesity.

Stepping Stones proudly provides:

  • Eat healthy, get active exhibits
  • Learning about healthy food choices and physical activity through afterschool, summer and other programs
  • Healthy food service
  • Learning about healthy food choices and physical activity using food service operation

Educational Programs and Events

Parent education programs, school and group workshops, classes, youth-hosted Forums, annual Day of Play, ask-the-expert and community programs cover important topics such as nutrition, safety, hygiene and fitness and provide information to parents, families and schools.

Statewide Community Outreach

Stepping Stones Museum for Children reaches communities statewide through outreach experiences such as Healthyville® mini exhibit, Conservation Quest® mini exhibit, free nutrition kits for schools, health exhibit components at the Yale Pediatric Center – part of Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, health-based vignettes on Connecticut Public Television and workshops for schools, teachers and parents.

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
~ Arabic Proverb

For upcoming Healthy Children, Healthy Communities programs visit our event calendar.

View our 2011 Healthy Children, Healthy Communities report and list of Community Partners.