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Around the World is part of the museum’s award-winning Global Connections Initiative and received the Promising Practice and Replication awards from the Association of Children’s Museum and MetLife Foundation for it's replication toolkit.

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Around the World
2015 Destinations:
USA Tour

In 2015, we embark on our tour of the United States in twelve exciting regions. Each region will be explored through programs such as the Performance Series, Creative Kids and the new "Show Me a Tale."

January – Trail West
February – The Bayou
March – Last Frontier
April – Great Lakes
May – The South
June – Everglades
July – The Colonies
August – Mid-Atlantic
September – Southwest
October – Northeast
November – The Capital
December – West Coast

Around the World

around the world graphic

Explore the world... without leaving Norwalk

USA Tour 2015

For the past six years, we have been bouncing back and forth across the globe, learning about different countries and the people that live in them. This year we will spend time exploring our own country, the United States of America.

Discover what makes each region and time period of the United States unique by taking part in these dynamic and engaging programs. Each month we will focus on a different region’s history, culture and landmarks. Be sure to visit all twelve!

Don’t forget! Participate in any of our Around the World programs and get your passport stamped. All aboard! The fun of discovery awaits!

Around the World: Performance Series

Stepping Stones takes children and parents to 12 different places around the United States, bringing the culture and its people to life. Now in its sixth year, the Around the World: Performance Series presents professional artists, musicians, dancers, storytellers and youth performers representing a variety of cultures and traditions. View dates and programs on our full calendar of events, or check below.

Around the World: Creative Kids

Put your imagination to work to create a cultural keepsake to take home. One Saturday of each month features Around the World: Creative Kids, a special hands-on workshop related to the culture, history or landscape of the highlighted region of the month. View dates and programs on our full calendar of events, or check below.

Around the World: Show Me a Tale

Storytelling is one of the greatest ways to capture the essence of a culture. Enjoy listening to a folktale and then use your creativity to recreate part of the story visually. This new program, Around the World: Show Me a Tale, occurs once a month on a Sunday afternoon. View dates and programs on our full calendar of events, or check below.

Around the World: Bookshelf

Learn more about each country by browsing the Around the World: Bookshelf in the Family and Teacher Resource Center.

Around the World: Replication Toolkit

Stepping Stones received the MetLife Foundation and Association of Children's Museums Replication Award to develop a toolkit for museums interested in developing an Around the World program. Learn More

2015 - Around the World: US Destinations

January – The Trail West
February – The Bayou
March – The Last Frontier

Past Around the World Destinations – 2014

January – Argentina
February – Ghana
March – Peru
April – Samoa
May – Russia
June – Australia
July – Scotland
August – Chile
September – Greece
October – Ethiopia
November – USA (Native Americans)
December – Sweden