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Around the World
2014 Destinations

January – Argentina 
February – Ghana 
March – Peru 
April – Samoa 
May – Russia 
June – Australia 
July – Scotland 
August – Chile 
September – Greece 
October – Ethiopia 
November – USA 
    (Native Americans) 
December – Sweden

Around the World

around the world graphic

Explore the world without leaving Norwalk

Passport and World Travelers’ Club

Participate in any of our Around the World Programs and get your passport stamped. All aboard! The fun of discovery awaits!

Children who “visit” at least six countries or collect a minimum of eight passport stamps in 2014 can register for our World Travelers’ Club and can attend our special “World Travelers’ Breakfast” event in January 2015. Be invited to this special breakfast that will focus on traditional foods that reflect the year’s journey Around the World!

Around the World: Performance Series

Stepping Stones takes children and parents to 12 different places around the globe, bringing the culture and its people to life. Now in its sixth year, the Around the World: Performance Series presents professional artists, musicians, dancers, storytellers and youth performers representing a variety of cultures and traditions. View dates and programs on our full calendar of events, or check below.

Around the World: Creative Kids

From England’s Stonehenge to Africa’s ceremonial jewelry, put your imagination to work to create a cultural keepsake to take home. One Saturday each month features Creative Kids, a special hands-on workshop related to the culture of the country of the month. View dates and programs on our full calendar of events, or check below.

Around the World: Sketching Artifacts

Add to your own mini portfolio by creating artistic masterpieces characteristic of souvenirs found Around the World. View dates for this recurring program on our full calendar of events.

Around the World: Bookshelf

Learn more about each country by browsing the Around the World: Bookshelf in the Family and Teacher Resource Center.

Around the World: Replication Toolkit

Stepping Stones received the MetLife Foundation and Association of Children's Museums Replication Award to develop a toolkit for museums interested in developing an Around the World program. Learn More

2014 Around the World Schedule

flag of Scotland

Saturday, July 5     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Create your own Scottish soldier puppet, including traditional dress using paper and fabric. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Scottish performers

Saturday, July 26     2:00 pm

Music and Dance of the Scottish Highlands – Enjoy traditional Scottish songs with authentic costumes and dancing! Join Scottish dancers and singers as they teach us about their culture in this interactive concert workshop!

flag of Chile

Saturday, August 2     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – While sculpting your own model, discover the origin and meaning of the Chanchito, a lucky Chilean three legged pig. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.


Saturday, August 16     2:00 pm

Surcari – Discover traditional music from Chili by the performance group Surcari. Play their native instruments and discover music that blends South American traditions with modern language.

flag of Greece

Saturday, September 6     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Paint your own ceramic vessel while discovering Grecian pottery and design. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Reader's Theater image

Saturday, September 27     2:00 pm

Reader's Theater – Escape into the astonishing world of Greek mythology during a performance of King Midas and the Golden Touch, followed by crafting your own personal chest of gold!

Past Around the World Destinations – 2014

flag of Argentina

Saturday, January 4     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Craft a cup in which you make and serve yerba mate, the national drink of Argentina. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Ballet Los Pampas

Saturday, January 18     2:00 pm

Ballet Los Pampas – Ballet Los Pampas introduces culture, history, geography, and language of Argentina through music and dance. Learn about the different instruments and styles of music to understand Argentine and even US history. From the tango to tap-dancing, Ballet Los Pampas uses precise rhythms and synchronization to amaze audiences!

flag of Ghana

Saturday, February 4     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Make a handcrafted African sculpture like the skilled artisans in the Rain Forests of Ghana. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Soro Bindi

Saturday, February 15     2:00 pm

Soro Bindi – Learn about Ghana’s history and culture from native Ghanaian, Iddi Saaka. Iddi will dance and tell stories from his homeland, then give audience members a chance to try making some music themselves! Come play instruments and dance traditional Ghanaian moves to better appreciate the various cultures of Africa and Ghana.

flag of Peru

Saturday, March 1     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Create a hand-made Peruvian doll complete with the colorful, traditional clothes of the Andes. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Incan traditions of the Peruvian Andes

Saturday, March 8     2:00 pm

Inca Son – Experience ancient Incan traditions of the Peruvian Andes through song and dance. Traditional instruments and costumes combine to transport you back in time. Learn about the culture of the Andes today as it comes from the ancient folk traditions of the Incas.

flag of Samoa

Saturday, April 12     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Make a ceremonial kava bowl. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Kahana Hula

Saturday, April 19     2:00 pm

Kahana Hula – Learn about the sacred hula dance and the history of Polynesia with Kahana Hula. Tiare Kahana performs and teaches the ancient dance with stories about Samoa and other Pacific Islands. Learn traditional moves and rhythms so you can dance the hula, too! Sponsored by Gen Re and First County Bank.

flag of Russia

Saturday, May 10     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Make your own matryoshka doll, also known as Russian nesting doll. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Rossijanochka Folk Dance Troupe

Saturday, May 3     2:00 pm

Rossijanochka – The multiple award winning Rossijanochka Folk Dance Troupe from St. Petersburg, Russia brings 12-17 year old performers to amaze audiences with their lively, intricate and often acrobatic folk dances. Their superb dancing, enhanced by their colorful handmade costumes will delight the audience.

flag of Australia

Saturday, June 7     2:00 pm

Creative Kids – Make your own boomerang, a thrown tool and an Australian icon. Tickets required. Limited space. For ages 2 and older.

Pete Onofrio

Saturday, June 21     2:00 pm

Didgequest – Travel through time with Pete Onofrio to learn about aboriginal Australian culture! Hear him play the didgeridoo and learn about the history of native Australians. Listen to music like you’ve never heard it before as Pete teaches respect and appreciation for other cultures and ancient roots. Sponsored by First County Bank.

Past Around the World Destinations – 2013

January: India
February: Egypt
March: Indonesia
April: Trinidad and Tobago
May: Uganda
June: China
July: Japan
August: Brazil
September: France
October: Germany
November: Spain
December: Italy