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Celebration Courtyard


It’s Out-and-Out Amazing!

Get out and play! With its giant open-air tent and eco-friendly play surface, families discover big fun throughout the year.

Big blue foam building blocks, designed by New York architect David Rockwell, lets imaginative play get underway, as children put their creativity to work with arches, noodles and connectors. Year-round, the soft pebble flex ground cover instills confidence to explore while fresh air invigorates and the peaked awning protects from the elements.

With its state-of-the art sound and theatrical lighting system, the Celebration Courtyard also provides the perfect venue for parties, bar mitzvahs, concerts and dozens of other special events for individuals, companies and the community. Look for Stepping Stones Special Performances throughout the year.

The enhanced Celebration Courtyard is a gift from the Gullquist Family, long-standing friends and supporters of Stepping Stones.

The Perfect Event Space and Party Venue

The Celebration Courtyard is a great place to host a party or event. Learn More about facility rentals.