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Storybook Pajama Party with Pete the Cat

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Exhibits by Age

Stepping Stones Museum for Children is dedicated to sparking children’s curiosity, imagination and interests by engaging them in playful explorations of interactive learning experiences and shared moments of discovery. Children 10 and under, along with their parents, caregivers and educators will benefit from our fun and educational exhibits which foster exploration, discovery and imagination by learning through play. Although every exhibit can be enjoyed by all ages, below explains the exhibit in relation to the specific age range indicated.

Birth - 12 months (infants and pre-walkers)

Tot Town®

Within Tot Town is a special safe place for babies to begin exploring the world. A space designed just for infants and pre-walkers includes activity mats, a giant gymini, infant toys and puzzles which encourage infants to move, crawl, stand, walk and tumble!

Babies will bounce with delight as air blowers, ball coasters and spinners dazzle and fascinate all. Cozy and comfortable sitting areas and book nooks offer an opportunity for adult and baby quiet time to read or snuggle. Inspired by classic nursery rhymes, this designated space promotes literacy and a soothing environment for babies to discover.

Build It!

Even our youngest visitors will be fascinated by the concepts illustrated in this construction-inspired exhibit. Build a building with foam blocks and explore shape and size differences.

Energy Lab®

Stimulate the senses! Even babies will discover the wet, windy and sunny sources that produce energy. Encourage them to splash in the water, feel the wind or watch in wonder as balls move along the tracks.


Our 27-foot kinetic sculpture designed by artist George Rhoads is the museum's only permanent exhibit. This giant mechanical toy is in constant motion with fascinating and involving interplays of balls, color and light. Pull a lever or turn gear and watch as babies become captivated by the beauty, sights and sounds of this extraordinary exhibit.

13 – 36 months (toddlers)

Tot Town®

Toddlers will have a ball exploring an exhibit inspired by nursery rhymes and familiar everyday objects – designed to spark curiosity, foster early learning and promote literacy.

Young learners will eagerly climb steps to enter the play kitchen of the house. Imaginary play is limitless as toddlers cook and prepare meals or dress for the weather. BooZoo’s Dog House is sure to be a popular destination as little learners are encouraged to explore and roam independently as well as take care of BooZoo, the plush animal resident of this interactive home.

Explore our school bus and “drive” it home, to school or even to the museum. Stop at Old MacDonald’s Farm and meet some farm animals or to catch a toy fish in the Fishing Pond complete with a row boat, fishing dock and poles.

Watch out American Idol® – our young children can take the stage as they debut their latest musical hit or dance move. The Art and Science area allows for budding artists or emerging scientists to explore activities designed just for them.

Build It!

Anyone can design and build as toddlers will soon learn when they explore our construction site. Using tools and building materials, toddlers will take pride in their very own construction creation.

Energy Lab®

Toddlers will be amazed as balls are whisked away in a maze powered by wind or the raceway powered by water. They will learn about evaporation first-hand as they create works of art with water and paint brush and see it vanish before their very eyes.


Toddlers will be enthralled as they in manipulate the pulley, lever, wheel and gears to produce motion and sound in this extraordinary exhibit.

3 – 5 years (preschoolers)

Build It!

Preschoolers will take on the role of designer, builder and contractor as they actively discover how buildings are made. Cooperative play is encouraged as they use machines and tools to ready a space for building and construction.

Energy Lab®

A special water basin just for young ones allows them to touch, splash, measure and experiment with water. Exploring an “underground” platform, toddlers will discover where coal, oil, natural gas and uranium come from, how they are formed and used. Touching rock textures and observing fossils all add to the fun.


Preschoolers will be enthralled as they in manipulate the pulley, lever, wheel and gears to produce motion and sound in this extraordinary exhibit.

5 – 6 years

Build It!

Kids soon learn that building and designing require many different tools and materials. A raised structure and building area will keep children actively engaged as they design and decorate an unfinished home.

Energy Lab®

Whether manipulating cranks to expose sunlight, maneuvering the path of water in the Ballcano or directing air into the Wind Lab, learning about energy has never been more fun! Kids actively discover that energy is all around us and important to everyday life.


Kids soon learn the difference between simple and complex machines as they manipulate the pulley, lever, wheel and gears to produce motion and sound in this extraordinary exhibit.

7 and older

Build It!

Older children will gain math, inquiry and problem-solving skills as well as learn that different materials have an impact on the stability of structures; gravity affects the structures we build in addition to green building practices in this construction-site inside the museum.

Energy Lab®

Kids will become immersed in the wet and windy environments through water, wind, and solar labs. They will be challenged to explore new ways to generate electricity while conserving resources using the various components of this interactive exhibit.


Kids not only learn the difference between simple and complex machines but they practice observing and predicting where their ball will travel as they manipulate the pulley, lever, wheel and gears to produce motion and sound in this extraordinary exhibit.