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Healthyville® is now on tour as a new and improved traveling exhibit.

The old Healthyville exhibit space is now Express Yourself.



Where every body grows a little smarter!

Healthyville features over 50 hands-on activities nearly a dozen computer games, six main attractions, a real TV studio and countless opportunities to help children learn more about their bodies and their health. It encourages healthy living and making smart choices.

  • Full-time residents Bree, Claudia, Jonathan, Milo and Lucy guide children as they explore nutrition, fitness, hygiene, safety and their own brainpower!
  • In fact, don’t miss The Main Brain and explore senses, emotions and memory.
  • Healthyville Park gets everyone moving and shows the amazing work performed by your cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems.
  • Learn about the digestive system, nutrition, calories, energy and smart choices just for the health of it at the Good Foods Market and Cafe.
  • Be an EMT in our life-sized ambulance or become a doctor or dentist at the Healthyville Community Health Center.
  • Drop by the WBOD Television Studio and report “live” from inside the body.
    Better yet, crack yourself up mixing popular body sounds. Burps, gurgles and farts what a gas!
  • Ten interactive computer games explore memory, emotions and senses, plus the digestive system and, of course, germs!
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