About Us

At Stepping Stones Museum for Children, play is serious business. We understand that children learn best by doing. Our children’s museum is dedicated to broadening and enriching the educational opportunities for children ages 10 and under and enhancing their understanding of the world. 

The museum seeks to create an environment that inspires lifelong learning and supports parents, caregivers and educators as facilitators of children’s explorations. Additionally, our toddler and preschool program offers a variety of activities to get young minds learning. We also welcome you to take advantage of our spaces for birthday party bookings.

little girl wearing a yellow sweater on the phone

Play is Serious Business at Stepping Stones Museum for Children.

In 22+ years of serving this region, our award-winning children’s museum has reached nearly seven million people through its exceptional educational offerings.

Just as a “Compass” is used as a tool to guide people’s journeys, Stepping Stones is an important community resource that helps guide children and families’ unique learning journeys.

To commemorate the museum’s 20th birthday in 2020 and point ahead to its bright future of serving this wonderful community, Stepping Stones collaborated with Peace by Piece: The Norwalk Community Quilt Project, to create a compass-themed quilt, which is now being prominently displayed in the museum’s entrance hub.

Over the course of 17 months, local artist and designer Lizzy Rockwell worked with more than 100 children and adults from the greater Norwalk community, as well as friends and visitors of the museum, to design, sew and quilt a unique work of art. This intergenerational project exemplifies the Stepping Stones mission to inspire and nurture lifelong learning.

Peace by Piece: The Norwalk Community Quilt Project is an intergenerational after school art program. Participants range in age from 8 to 92. The group is sponsored by the Norwalk Housing Authority and funded by private donations. Lizzy Rockwell is the artistic director. Communal works of art are created for fundraising purposes or as installations in public institutions. Peace by Peace quilts hang at Norwalk Community College, Stepping Stones and The Norwalk Public Library.

Learning Philosophy

Our learning framework is a strong set of foundational ideas that guide the planning of all of the museum’s experiences — exhibits, programs, events and partnerships.

All exhibits and programs are designed to promote active inquiry and investigation through three interacting elements.

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Learning is an active, lifelong process that begins with curiosity about the world. It is motivated by interest, fueled by choice and enjoyment and shaped by social context. Our learning framework is a strong set of foundational ideas that guide the planning of all of the museum’s experiences, including exhibits, programs, camps, classes, events and partnerships.

Play is essential to the inspirational pursuit of lifelong learning. Providing inspirational learning opportunities that motivate children to lead healthy, transformative and active lifestyles are rewarding for everyone.

Children are conductors of their personal learning journeys and adults have important roles in helping children design and navigate their unique experiences.