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A Stepping Stones Studio Subscription Makes the Perfect Gift!

Stepping Stones Museum for Children answered a call in the community to build a children’s museum to call their very own when it opened its doors twenty years ago. As a nonprofit that just celebrated its 20th year, the museum relies on the generosity and support of its members, friends and partners to continue its mission.

“Now, more than ever, we need the support of our members and everyone who loves us in the community to keep our museum’s mission alive and forge new community educational opportunities for the future,” said Kiest. “Our Stepping Stones Studio is just the beginning of what we hope will be an incredible new era of world-class educational experiences for everyone.”

By becoming a member, you join thousands of other families who will receive complimentary Stepping Stones Studio subscriptions as part of their membership benefits. If you’re not a member but interested in a subscription, click here. For a limited time, investing in a yearlong subscription to the Stepping Stones Studio also means providing a free subscription to a family in need. What better gift to give to a child than educational opportunities that will change their life.

Each year, Stepping Stones makes it possible for thousands of children and family members to participate in the museum’s offerings for free or reduced fees through its all-inclusive accessibility initiative, Open Arms. By becoming a member or Stepping Stones Studio subscriber, you will make it possible for everyone to access the museum’s high quality educational offerings including the one-of-a-kind creations from within the Stepping Stones Studio.

Just look what your contribution will do:
$50 – Provides one month of access to Stepping Stones Studio Every Day Fun! Content for five families
$150 – Provides access to Stepping Stones Studio content for a week of virtual camp
$500 – Provides access to Stepping Stones Studio content for 5 virtual school and group classes of up to 20 children
$1,000 – Provides a full year of access to Stepping Stones Studio content to expand our virtual reach to 20 families

Though it may not have seemed like it, 2020 was a year of heroes. While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our daily lives in so many ways, we are witnessing everyday acts of civic engagement and heroism that give us hope for the future. 

To show solidarity and our appreciation of local heroes, and in honor of our 20th anniversary, Stepping Stones Museum for Children launched a commemorative tile donation campaign in April 2020 to permanently recognize their contributions. With online donations of $150 per tile, you can commission a beautiful, hand crafted tile to honor one or more individuals or organizations in your community that have exemplified heroism during this crisis. All tiles will be displayed in a dedicated, prominent area of the museum to forever remember these heroes, their sacrifices and devotion. 

If you would like to honor an individual in your life or community organization that has exemplified heroism during the COVID-19 crisis, please click here.

Thank You for a Successful FriendsGiving 2020!

Thank you to all who logged on to watch our program video and to those who generously gave to help support the Open Arms accessibility initiative at Stepping Stones Museum for Children.

Your generous support helped us raise almost $140,000, enabling Stepping Stones to continue its mission to provide transformational play-based learning opportunities to the children and families we serve. Your generosity allowed us to continue delivering critical online learning platforms that will expand children’s understanding of the world.

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