Our Mission

The mission of Stepping Stones is to broaden and enrich the educational opportunities for children ages ten and under and enhance their understanding of the world. The museum seeks to create an environment that inspires lifelong learning and supports parents, caregivers and educators as facilitators of children’s explorations.


Big Adventures: Dinosaurs

Enter a wacky, whimsical (and somewhat warped) time machine to meet resident paleontologists that introduce lead dinosaur, Dolly Dilophosaurus and her amazing family and friends.

Celebration Courtyard

From bubbles and inventive rounds of miniature golf to exceptional concerts and festivals, laughter abounds under the magnificent big top of this outdoor playful learning space.

Energy Lab

Get busy, get wet and get energized at Energy Lab, a multi-storied trek into the Earth’s layers and systems to investigate the ENERGY that all living things need and use.

Lights On!

Get lit by an energetic showcase of the brightest lights in this light-filled gallery.

Studio K

Experience a free fall of family fun in this kid-powered television network featuring a live green screen and video feed along with a variety of costumes and props.

Tot Town

Try out this literacy-rich, child-powered town setting that highlights best practices in early childhood while showcasing the wonders of the world.


At Stepping Stones Museum for Children, the joy of discovery is at the heart of every exhibit. Carefully designed to ignite curiosity and spark imagination, these hands-on experiences offer an immersive exploration into the fascinating world around us.

By engaging with our exhibits, children not only learn about various topics—ranging from science and technology to arts and culture—but also develop important life skills. They are encouraged to question, experiment, and think critically, fostering a lifelong love for learning. Our interactive displays provide a safe environment where mistakes are seen as steps in the learning process, enabling children to grow confidently. The experiences here not only educate but also inspire, helping children to dream bigger and reach further.