Youth Enrichment Services

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Youth Enrichment: Grades 6 – 12

The mission of the Youth Enrichment at Stepping Stones (YES2) is to provide meaningful opportunities to students in grades 6 – 12 by developing social-emotional skills, inspiring leadership and encouraging the talents of the youth team.

Through participation in training, mentorship, events and workshops, participants are provided with tools and confidence to help children find success in future endeavors and to become lifelong learners.

The YES2 program is supported in part by the People’s United Community Foundation.

The YES2 Experience

The three main tenets of YES2 are workplace readiness, leadership and social-emotional learning.

In YES2, youth are viewed as important voices not only in the day-to-day museum operations but in the community and world as well.

If your child is interested in participating in YES2, click the button below to apply today!

Youth Enrichment Opportunities

YES2 Workplace Readiness

YES2 participants can assist staff in providing the best experience for visitors, including playing with children and interacting with families. YES2 participants can also create and put into motion educational activities for visitors, like art projects, science experiments and more. They are ambassadors of the museum to visitors!  

YES2 Events

One of the biggest and most fun parts of being in YES2 is being able to attend — and in many cases, help create — events that are just for the YES2 participants. These activities are designed to strengthen social-emotional skills by introducing participants to new people, friendships, experiences and skills.

These events include Improv Comedy Nights and other fun events coming soon. New and lasting friendships are a cornerstone of YES2 and these events are where they often begin!

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YES2 Activity Clubs

YES2 participants have formed several clubs. Participants can plan and make videos with YES2 Films, play games new and old in Gaming Unplugged, create fantastic art in the Art Club, share their love of music in Music Club and so much more. New participants can even create their own club!

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Leadership Skills

If new participants would like to strengthen leadership skills, or if they would like to discover leadership skills for the first time, YES2 is the place to be. We provide several great opportunities to find out where new participants’ leadership strengths are and how they can improve those skills. Whether a new participant is named to the Youth Leadership Team, to a museum committee or simply showing a child how to play a game, they have leadership potential. We’d like to help them find it!

Benefits of Participating in YES2

  • Opportunities to enhance life skills, gain leadership ability and strengthen confidence
  • Hands-on workplace experience in a fun, creative and dynamic award-winning museum
  • Reference and letters of recommendation based on performance
  • Strong and lasting friendships
  • Exciting activities and adventures solely for participants in the program
  • Opportunity for recognition and awards
  • Building of social-emotional skills

For more information about YES2, email our Senior Manager of Community Relations, Barbarajean Segall, or call her at 203.899.0606, ext. 288.

The YES2 Program is made possible in part by: