Stepping Stones Studio

Stepping Stones Museum for Children is excited to introduce the new Stepping Stones Studio. Responding to the growing need in the community for more engaging, high-quality, virtual learning content, Stepping Stones is leveraging its multidimensional, play-based learning approach to create an exciting new world of family-friendly, content-rich learning experiences.

The Studio will connect children and families from around the state, across the nation and anywhere in the world there are eager minds that want to explore. If you joined us for the October KC 2020 kids convention, you’ve had a taste of the “can’t-get-anywhere-else” experiences that will continue to be a regular part of the Studio offerings. Daily programming will include STEAM-powered, play-filled educational classes, clubs, workshops and other immersive events from the award-winning children’s museum that will inspire and delight young learners.

As a member, you automatically have access to the Studio. Every month, we will share a password that will allow you to view the content as long as you are a member. Since memberships are currently paused until we reopen to the public, members are guaranteed access to the Studio during our closure. Special camps, classes and workshops may have additional charges.

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