KC 2020 | Ryan Hickman and Lynnea Shuck

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KC 2020 | Mark Leschinsky

Ryan Hickman and Lynnea Shuck are passionate about keeping the environment clean and green! At age 3, Ryan Hickman and his dad visited the local recycling center to cash in a few bags of cans and bottles, inspiring Ryan to collect neighbors cans and bottles to ensure they didn’t end up in the ocean. Today, Ryan has customers all across Orange County, CA!

Are you ready to become a Junior Ranger? At age 13, Lynnea started volunteering leading wildlife walks at her local national wildlife refuge. Now, she’s 23 and leads Junior Wildlife Ranger, a national project that brings free, hands-on environmental science activities to local parks and national wildlife refuges across the United States. Lynnea and her team are inventing a special badge just for KC 2020! Tune in to learn how to earn your first badge and start collecting. To learn more visit www.ryansrecycling.com. and www.juniorwildliferanger.org..