Community Garden

Children’s Community Garden

Explore and enjoy the natural world! A lush garden connecting the Waypoint District and South Norwalk offers the community a chance to wander through nature. Stroll through six main gardens: Grassland, Rain, Butterfly, Herb, Edible and Woodland. Three whimsical sculptures use solar, wind and water energy to produce a lively concert of musical sounds.

Open to the Public

Butterfly Garden

Butterflies love nectar, the liquid produced by many garden flowers. They especially like red, yellow, orange, pink or purple flowers. You might also find butterflies sunning themselves on a leaf or stem. Plants in the Butterfly Garden include butterfly bush, daylilies, milkweed and shasta daisies.

Edible Garden 

Simple raised beds or pots make great places to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits. Visit Stepping Stones to learn how you can grow your own organic food!

Grassland Garden

Grasses need very little maintenance. They provide animals with great food and shelter and their roots help keep soil in place. Plants include different species of rushes and switch grasses.

Herb Garden 

Four themed gardens make up the Herb Garden: Texture, Medicinal, Tutti Frutti and Pizza and Taco. Plants in each area encourage visitors to touch, smell, observe and even taste what’s growing. You might find some of these plants in your favorite recipe — or even in your medicine cabinet!

Rain Garden

This is a shallow area that collects rain water from a roof, yard or driveway and allows the water to filter into the ground. It’s not a pond as it only holds water for about six hours. The benefit? A rain garden reduces the amount of pollutants that enter nearby lakes and streams, helping to make them healthier places for animals and plants to thrive.

Woodland Garden 

Woodland areas are home to a variety of wildlife and plants. They’re dominated by larger woody plants, mammals, insects and amphibians. Flora includes pine trees, hinoki false cypress, arrowwood viburnum and drooping leucothoe.

Garden Follies

Solar Folly 

The solar panel turns sunlight into electricity, which powers a motor to ring the cymbals.

Wind Folly

Wind moves the small wind turbine to produce electricity, which powers a motor to ring the chimes.

Rain Folly 

Rain causes the wheels to spin and move around objects inside to create the sound of a rain stick.