Energy Lab®

Interactive Science

Energy Lab®

Hands-on, kid-powered learning! 

The exciting and all-amazing, Energy Lab is a wet, wild and wonderful way for children to learn about the science of energy. As they use their boundless energy to explore the exhibit, they’ll find a working lab that inspires a natural curiosity to imagine and invent. Energy Lab features:

Solar Lab

It’s hot, it’s bright, it’s the strongest source of power in the solar system. Explore solar power and learn how to use the sun’s energy to generate electricity and heat things up!

Potential Energy Platforms

Climb the platforms to increase your potential energy and gain a bird’s-eye view of Energy Lab. Cranks, levers, air tubes and blowers set objects into motion and young minds into action.

Wind Lab

Hold on to your hat! Feel the wind in your face and behind your back. A giant wind tunnel reveals the force of wind and how we can use it to make amazing things happen.

Water Lab

Wild and wet. Waterfalls, basins, funnels and water wheels entice children to pump, push, turn and direct water to perform everyday activities. As they explore hydropower, children will understand how water can make things move to generate electricity.

Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Uranium Lab

Crawl below the surface of the earth to see where coal, oil, natural gas and uranium come from. Learn about the impact these resources have on our everyday lives and why they are limited.

Energy Lab facts:

  • An immersive, wet and windy environment sets the stage for children to learn about the science of energy — sources, uses and emerging alternatives.
  • Designed with a lab theme, offering a futuristic view to inspire children’s natural curiosity to explore and invent.
  • Water, wind and sun offer opportunities for children to explore new ways to generate electricity and conserve resources. Outdoor exhibit components and interactive sculptures introduce energy transformation principles using renewable energy.
  • 1,500 square foot experience.
  • Lab coats provided to help keep children dry.

Energy Lab was created by and is a registered trademark of Stepping Stones Museum for Children.