Multimedia Gallery

Multimedia Gallery for Kids

Step inside and prepare for a visually stunning experience.

The state-of-the-art Multimedia Gallery catapults Stepping Stones onto a global stage. Inside you will find a 35 x 12 ft. immersive screen and an open floor plan. With a performance stage and iClick Interactive floor projection technology, the Multimedia Gallery is both a fantastic, educational venue as well as a party destination.

Professional cameras, video-conferencing, broadcast equipment, lighting and sound systems allow for the perfect creation of mood and style for a dazzling variety of unique programs and events. Whether a theatrical performance or a high-definition film or a fundraising event, the Multimedia Gallery creates a dramatic stage for museum programming.

Special Events and Performances

The gallery’s unique design can accommodate a variety of special events and performances. Flexible staging, seating and floor plans allow the space to host stage performances, children’s programming and banquet events.