Special Exhibits

The museum is temporarily closed for renovations and cannot wait to welcome back its beloved members and friends at our soon-to-be announced November 2021 Grand Reopening.

We’ll be unveiling beautifully upgraded spaces, including two exciting new exhibits. Track our renovation progress here!

For information on what to expect when you come for one of our programs, please check our COVID-19 Safety Protocol document.

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Made possible in part by

Outdoor Sports Center
Rex Marine Center & Rex Boating Club

With additional support from

Cannondale Bicycles | MTA of NYC

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This exciting new exhibit is about transportation: where we’ve been, where we are now and where we are going in the future. When you visit the exhibit, discover how transportation connects a community in an interactive cityscape and learn about the innovations that have shaped the way we move around our world. You will also be able to step foot in two frontiers that humans are beginning to explore — space and the deep sea — in our spacecraft and submarine! It connects communities. It enables exploration. It becomes faster, safer and more reliable every day.

Transportation is a system for moving passengers, goods or ideas from one place to another. Transportation is going places.

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Big Adventures: Dinosaurs

Sponsored in part by

First County Bank

Jump into our time machine and travel back 190 million years to see a full size “living” Dilophosaurus, Connecticut’s State Dinosaur. Then zoom back to present day to a paleontologist’s laboratory and discover the clues dinosaurs left behind. There are plenty of super-fun interactive experiences in store with this Dyno-Mite exhibit. 

Did you know dinosaurs are related to chickens?

Jurassic Landscape

a man in a jacket observing a dinosaur display

Come face-to-face with an 18-foot animatronic Dilophosaurus! This colorful creature with a whipping tail and spiky teeth roars with pride. It’s her first visit to these parts in 190 million years.

What year is it?

Oceans rose, volcanoes erupted, a giant meteor hit, ice caps emerged and land masses split into continents! We know when it was by what plants and animals lived and evolved to survive our planet’s changes over millions of years. 

Discover a Nest!

Scientists recently learned that many dinosaur eggs were colored or speckled like modern bird eggs. You’ll find a nest with 6 to 8 eggs and some small baby Dilophosaurus dinosaurs.   

group of children playing with sand
Make Tracks!

Scientists can learn about a dinosaur’s size, how it walked and if it traveled alone or in groups from fossilized dinosaur tracks (Eubrontes). Make your own tracks wearing a dinosaur’s tail and feet!

Paleo Lab

Discover a Fossil!

Using tools like chisels, hammers and brushes, find out what’s hidden in the rock.

Build a Skeleton!

We found the bones; you put them together like a puzzle to see the animal’s shape!  

a boy and girl playing with an interactive screen

Innovation Station

Imagine and Name Your Own Dinosaur!

Visitors can draw their own ideas of what dinosaurs looked like from fossils and skeletons, just like artists do for scientists. Name your dinosaur using the same method scientists use.

State-of-the-art Interactivity

We programmed a Promethean Board touch screen for games and to dive deeper into the information presented in the exhibit.

Book Nook

Read more about dinosaurs and innovation in a quiet inviting space.

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