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Big Adventures: Dinosaurs

Sponsored in part by
First County Bank

Take a trip on the Big Adventures Time Machine to visit a 200,000,000-year-old den of Dilophosaurus dinosaurs, complete with a mother and her babies. Be a modern-day paleontologist, or time detective, seeking an adventure or two while fossil hunting. Jump into the realistic-looking Connecticut ecosystem filled with flora and fauna. Explore the terrain for plants, insects, reptiles, birds and other mammals from yesterday… or today. Develop dynamic stories to share about Connecticut and the world, past and present.

Jurassic Landscape

a man in a jacket observing a dinosaur display

Come face-to-face with an 18-foot animatronic Dilophosaurus! This colorful creature with a whipping tail and spiky teeth roars with pride. It’s her first visit to these parts in 190 million years.

What year is it?

Oceans rose, volcanoes erupted, a giant meteor hit, ice caps emerged and land masses split into continents! We know when it was by what plants and animals lived and evolved to survive our planet’s changes over millions of years. 

Discover a Nest!

Scientists recently learned that many dinosaur eggs were colored or speckled like modern bird eggs. You’ll find a nest with 6 to 8 eggs and some small baby Dilophosaurus dinosaurs.   

group of children playing with sand
Make Tracks!

Scientists can learn about a dinosaur’s size, how it walked and if it traveled alone or in groups from fossilized dinosaur tracks (Eubrontes). Make your own tracks wearing a dinosaur’s tail and feet!

Paleo Lab

Discover a Fossil!

Using tools like chisels, hammers and brushes, find out what’s hidden in the rock.

Build a Skeleton!

We found the bones; you put them together like a puzzle to see the animal’s shape!  

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