Traveling Exhibits

Field Trips That Come to You

Stepping Stones Museum for Children’s traveling exhibits bring the magic of Stepping Stones to you.

Created to inspire lifelong learning through inquiry and play, the exhibits at Stepping Stones provide an interactive educational experience for visitors of all ages. Our commitment to quality means that we give considerable thought and care to every detail of exhibit planning and design. With invaluable input from children, parents, educators, community partners, content experts, designers, and fabricators, we offer a safe, durable, and unique exhibit experience. While your visitors are engaged in the exhibits, your staff will be thrilled with our comprehensive customer service and preventative maintenance.

Conservation Quest® Traveling Exhibit

Go Green!

Learn about energy — what it is, where it comes from, how we use it, and why it’s important to use it wisely. Conservation Quest delivers important energy conservation messages, inspiring visitors to make thoughtful choices about energy use to help protect the planet and promote healthy living.

Healthyville® Traveling Exhibit

A Place for Every Body!

The vibrant community of Healthyville is home to residents of all ages who try every day to live active, healthy lifestyles. This exhibit provides children and adults with hands-on opportunities to explore nutrition and fitness in ways that help them understand their bodies and the importance of making healthy choices, as well as apply those concepts to everyday situations. The exhibit features over 35 interactive components and plenty of costumes and props.

Support for host venues includes:

  • Detailed site support and installation manuals
  • Education and programming guides
  • Marketing samples and files
  • On-call technical support and troubleshooting
  • On-site installation assistance available

For more information, contact:
Brian Morrissey 
Director of Exhibits
203.899.0606, ext. 220