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Healthyville Café Open from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Daily

The Healthvyille Café supports and extends the local foodshed with healthy, nutritious menu offerings and a delicious and educational culinary program series for children and families designed to grow and sustain a healthy food culture.

All Café employees are ServSafe Certified as well as ServSafe Covid-19 Certified. The staff has been trained to ensure proper food handling procedures, cleaning, and sanitation.

Worldwide Lights Celebration: Holiday Happenings Menu

The year-end holidays have special meaning for the people who celebrate them and provide a wonderful way for us to connect and learn with each other. Food is major component of these holiday celebrations. During the Worldwide Lights Celebration, our Holiday Happenings workshops help us learn about the different holidays with a fun, hands-on activity connected to the featured celebration while the Healthyville® Café serves up a delicious array of Holiday Happenings menu offerings connected to each of these celebrations.

This taste of the holidays includes:

Thanksgiving: November 14 – November 27
Thanksgiving wrap made with hand-carved turkey breast, savory stuffing, mixed greens, rich gravy and a sweet cranberry aioli.

St. Lucia Day: November 28 – December 4
Swedish meatballs over egg noodles, yellow split pea soup served with Flerkorn (a multigrain crispbread) and Vintersaga glogg (a mulled fruit drink.)

Las Posadas: December 5 – December 13
Chicken tacos, chili, apple salad and Ponche Navideño (apple cider fruit punch)

Hanukkah: December 14 – December 18
Brisket, potato latkes, matzah ball soup

Christmas: December 18 – December 24
Christmas dinner sliders, hot chocolate and Christmas cookie

Kwanzaa: December 26 – December 31
African beef stew over rice, pear salad and mixed fruit punch

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