Stepping Stones at Twenty-Five

Our Growing Community

Since Stepping Stones Museum for Children first opened its doors on March 11, 2000, we have been a keystone of our community. Providing a dynamic environment for curiosity, connection and growth, the museum has helped shape the lives of millions of children and families.

In March 2025, Stepping Stones will proudly celebrate our 25th birthday. Leading up to 2025 and during the year, the museum has some exciting experiences in store for our members and guests including:

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Special Events
Special Events
25th Birthday Celebration
All Year Long
Our 25th Birthday marks the start of a new chapter in the Stepping Stones story. Join us in celebrating 25 years and help shape the future of the museum. Together, let’s make 2025 our best year yet and lay the foundation for a bright and exciting future!
The Kaleidoscope Circus
March 2025
Coming to town in March 2025, The Kaleidoscope Circus will combine the wonder and spectacle of a traditional circus with learning and discovery through hands-on play. Featuring performances curated by expert consultants at Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Circus Moves and amazing ringleader Joel Jeske, The Kaleidoscope Circus will be hosted in a classic one-ring tent and seat up to 400 guests per show.
The Kaleidoscope Extravaganza
March 2025
Corresponding with The Kaleidoscope Circus, this mesmerizing after-hours event will bring the wonder of the circus to an adult audience. Featuring food, drink and a variety of performances in the big tent, the Kaleidoscope Extravaganza invites our community to come together in celebration of the storied history and bright future of Stepping Stones.
Healthyville®, U.S.A. exhibit
June 2025
Founded in 2006, our first Healthyville exhibit engaged a generation of children and families in building healthy lifestyles. Healthyville, U.S.A. presents a new perspective on wellness by focusing on a healthy community as an integral part of our lives. Join Lucy Somebody and her family and friends as they explore how to enhance their community and help it thrive.
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Become a leader in the Stepping Stones community and create lasting impressions for our guests. Organizations providing major gifts (donations over $25,000) gain opportunities for impactful, customized collaboration throughout our 25th year and beyond.

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Support the future of playful learning as we celebrate 25 years of Stepping Stones. Your contribution to the museum’s mission helps open doors to curiosity, connection and growth for millions of children and families.

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There is no one way for a community partner, or sponsor, to engage with Stepping Stones. From partner-led activities to media campaigns, we want to learn how we can work together.

Learn how you can get involved.Contact Robert Townes, Director of External Affairs, at 203 899 0606, ext. 262.

We need your support. Please donate today!